OPSWAT Email Treat Prevention

Email security gateways, although offering tremendous protection, are not perfect. Metadefender Email Security enhances existing email security gateways by offering additional protection with more than 30 anti-malware engines (leveraging both heuristics and signature-based detection) and data sanitization to combat increasingly popular document-based attacks.

Key Benefits of Metadefender Email Security:

  • Prevent document-based attacks with 90 data sanitization engines
  • Detect and prevent more threats by scanning with more than 30 leading anti-malware engines
  • Leverage heuristic analysis to detect more unknown and targeted attacks
  • Decrease detection time of outbreaks
  • Easily integrate with existing email security gateways
  • Integration With Existing Email Security Gateways

Metadefender Email Security integrates with many leading email security gateway products, such as Websense's TRITON AP-EMAIL, Cisco's IronPort, Barracuda, Proofpoint, Microsoft Exchange, and any gateway using SMTP. In this deployment, emails are forwarded to Metadefender Core for scanning with multiple anti-malware engines and sanitized before they are delivered.