SAINT Security Suite

SAINT Security Suite provides a fully-integrated set of capabilities to assess your network assets for the last vulnerabilities across a wide variety of operating systems, software applications, databases, network devices and configurations. Attackers know where you are vulnerable, and they have the resources to challenge, even the most robust security measures. You must go beyond typical vulnerability assessment measures and find risk exposures at all levels of the organization – including those exposured by human weaknesses. Whether your requirements are to ehance your existing security program or meet stringent compliance standards and reporting mandates, Security Suite can become your valued partner in meeting these challenges.

Identify: The first step in a holistic vulnerability management solution is to ensure you identify the critical assets across your environment and track them based on the criticality to the business. SAINT provides a robust set of capabilities to discover assets across the enterprise, and create asset tags based on your specific needs – to enable assessments and remediation activities are directed at the highest priority assets and exposures.

Assess: SAINT’s vulnerability management capabilities span a wide range of most-often deployed and special-purpose technologies to identify operating system and software vulnerabilities and patch deficiencies, Microsoft Patch Tuesday assessments, web applications vulnerabilities and risk exposures, state of anti-virus installations, configuration assessments based on industry-standard best-practices, exposure of sensitive content are just a few example of the types of risk exposures identified by our solutions. SAINT also continues its research and coverage into new and evolving risks in technologies such as mobile, medical devices, embedded firmware and the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure our solutions evolve as technologies and threats evolve.

Remediate: Fast and effective response to critical exposures is fundamental to risk management. SAINT provides instructional remediation tutorials, rules-based ticketing for response tracking, and automated workflows to auto-close of tickets once remediation has been validated. SAINT assessment and tracking workflow increase ROI by decreasing the time spent digging through content, and enabling your security teams to prioritize remediation activities that focus efforts on the greatest risks to the business.

SAINT also provides interoperability and integration with a number of SIEM, Incident Response, Asset Management and GRC solutions to support data correlation, quarantine actions, and incident response measures within a more holistic risk management solution that includes a comprehensive suite of technologies.

Validate: It is not just important to perform frequent vulnerability scanning and assessment activities. The continuous monitoring, assessment and remediation of known risks and exposures must be followed up by validation processes to ensure remediation actions have been completed and risks remain low. Scheduling recurring scans within defined scanning time-based “windows” can ensure reassessments and validation are conducted within the context of approved procedures, while identifying new, pre-existing or reintroduced vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.