Tenable Security Center

SecurityCenter™ is a comprehensive vulnerability analytics solution that provides complete visibility into the security and compliance posture of your distributed and complex IT infrastructure. SecurityCenter does this through advanced analytics, customizable dashboards/reports, and workflows to identify weaknesses on your IT assets, by identifying all vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and malware on them.

  • Identify weaknesses by scanning all assets for known vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and malware
  • Assess how well patch management is working based on vulnerability trends over time
  • Rapidly respond to changes with configurable alerts, notifications, and automated actions
  • Measure security posture based on security policies that aligned with high - level business objectives
  • Streamline compliance for the widest range of regulatory/IT standards and best practices
  • HTML5-based user interface to satisfy specific needs of CISOs, security management, analysts, and practitioners/operators
  • Assess servers, endpoints, network devices, operating systems, databases, and applications in physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures
  • Multiple scanning options, including non-credentialed and credentialed scanning for deep analysis and Configuration auditing scan hosts, virtual, mobile, and security devices for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations , and malware using customizable schedules and black-out windows
  • Consolidate data from multiple on premises Nessus® scanners and provide remediation trending information
  • Incident Response including configurable workflows and alerts for administrators to take manual actions via emails, notifications, trouble tickets, or take automated actions

SecurityCenter™ Continuous View is the market-leading continuous network monitoring platform. It integrates SecurityCenter™ along with multiple Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS™) network sensors and Log Correlation Engine (LCE™) to provide comprehensive continuous network monitoring.