Votiro Secured Email Gateway

Votiro™ Secure Email Gateway, powered by Votiro's patented Advanced  Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology. Deployed in the cloud, this service  helps keep your customers’ credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive data safe by neutralizing all threats embedded in incoming email messages. In use worldwide at institutions such as banks, government and defense agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and utilities, the Votiro Secure Email Gateway offers you the quality of a mature, proven technology.

Email messages sent to your organization are automatically routed directly to the Votiro cloud-based email server. To detect known threats, the Votiro Secure Email Gateway applies antivirus programs to all files attached to the messages. To block undisclosed and zero-day exploits, the Secure Email Gateway extracts and disarms any malicious content from an attachment while keeping the original attachment's functionality intact. Cleansed and harmless, the email messages and their attached files continue on to your organization’s email server. The entire process usually takes less than a second.