BeSOURCE Static Application Security Testing

beSOURCE is an innovative static application security testing solution that is focused on vulnerability detection. It enables developers to implement
non-functional security testing of application source code earlier than ever during the software development life cycle (SDLC), easily integrating security
into DevOps across the organization.

beSOURCE enables you to take your application security testing program to the next level with accurate, fast, and ongoing application security testing, so you
can easily and effectively:

  • Eliminate vulnerabilities faster and earlier
  • Prevent exploits and breaches
  • Enhance regulatory compliance•Secure oversight of security program management
  • Ensure application security awareness across the organization
  • Integrate security and enable DevSecOps from the ground-up

Key Features:

  • Inspecting both code quality and security at once
  • Reducing cost by early detection of source code vulnerability
  • Improving maintenance efficiency by enforcing secure coding standards
  • Preventing system failure by pre-inspection of source code quality
  • Support compiler free inspection. Testing raw source code
  • Semantic static analysis – patented technology that takes from the source code without running an application
  • On-Demand Inspection using supported incremental analysis
  • Prevent security violation and hacking by pre-detection of vulnerabilities

Esperto Consultants is the authorized distributor for BeSOURCE from Beyond Security (a Helpsystems company) in India.